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Novokuzneckaia Moscow, Russia

Afanasii Moscow, Russia

Zinoviev and Usupov’s house is located on24 Afanasev str. The building consists of two palaces.  One palace was built in 1680 and another in XVIII century.  Later spaces were reunioned and additional store was added. (Second floor).  In 1776 the house belonged to L. Tolstoy, Andrei Ivanovich’s, Great-grandfather .The last house owner (holder) was L. Tolstoy’s son–in-law A. Bers.  In XIX century the house was rebuilt in empirical stile palace and in 1860 it was again rebuilt in eclectic style palace.  At the end of the century the third floor was added. At the result the surface decor was changed.  In 2010 restoration was started and palace returned its original surface.  Exactly like this in which Zinoviev and Usupov had lived.

Competition Truba Moscow, Russia

Tcaritcino Moscow, Russia

 Park ensemble includes grand central palace, which was built in the 1786-1796 by Mate Kazakov.  Style- Gothic style.  During the whole period the building had no function and at the result in the XIX century it turned into ruins.  In 2005-2007 central ruined palace was restored with whole palace complex.  Nowadays here are located Caricino’s expositions.  Also the palace is opened for different exhibitions and concerts.


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