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Hotel Kisi/Old Tbilisi,Georgia(Realized Project


Hotel Borjomi Hills / Borjomi,Georgia(under constuction) 


The presented conceptual project includes rehabilition and creation new, completed infrastruscture of the hotel with 180 places, located in Borjomi, former tourist base.

The business structure od ther structure is baes on the following positions.
1.Unique geograpical location.

2.Strong architectural and designable decision. 

3.Balneology & Spa(Health Centre)

4.Organization and management of big events.





kitchen new .jpg
kitchen 7 .jpg
wc4mtawminda .jpg

Beauty Salon SAKURAMI/Tbilisi , Georgia(realized project)

      Beauty Salon SAKURAMI  Moscow, Russia(realized project)

is located in in the center of Moscow. Each element in the interior (handmade wall-paper, manicure (nail) table, armchair “Sofi Sofa”, exclusive bar design in waiting room, wood wall shelves, mirror construction with 138 bulbs and also painting expositions) is individual.  Beauty salon “ Sakurami” is art module space. 

Winner in competition INTERIUM 2014.


      Villa Hills 7/ Single-family residence Moscow region, Russia(realiazed project) 

project is performed in classic minimalistic style. Each of elements was made especially for this project, work of arts, such as: bas-relief, relief, sculpture, wall painting and etc. were used.


Spa Center/Lopota,Georgia(realized project)

      Sculptor's studio AX/ Studio/ Showroom Moscow, Russia  (realized project)

                  Villa Art Deco/Single-family residence Moscow Region.russia(realized project)

style art deco. Eache of the element was made especially for this project.Work of art , such as: relief,sculpture,wall painting and etc.were used . 

         Penthause 6,5 Moscow, Russia(realized project)

is located in the center of Moscow. Total area is 420m2.  Style- international with neoclassical elements.  Materials- natural stones: marble, granite, wood, metal. Furniture and lighting stile was made by individual order. 

 Chateau Lopota/Lopota,Georgia(Under construction)


         Indoor swimming pool/Lopota,Georgia(Under construction)

Russhian banya,sauna/Lopota,Georgia(realized project) 


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