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Chateau "Buera", Lopota Lake, Georgia (Realized project)



Hotel "Borjomi Hills/Borjomi, Georgia(under construction)


The presented conceptual project includes rehabilition and creation new, completed infrastruscture of the hotel with 180 places, located in Borjomi, former tourist base.

From the side of the customer there was trading point(we think it needs a correction, though the concept won't be changed ) to preserve 80 places from the time fo the tourist base and restore them in addition 100 more places with modern infrastructure and public spaces,with all these to integrate old and new spaces in the unified project without any difference between old and new. As an ambitios it might sound from us , we were able to make this hard dilemma into the stragetic part of the project. BY the constructing an additional floor, which runs on the top of every building. It itself gave us growing comfort on inner communication and 320m.panoramic space. Walking on this place becomes unforgatable for every guest. By this architectural decision this project will definitely become famous internationally.

We wanted interior design did not become to our Soviet Past , as well as America, and in this we consider that the goal is reached. By the old lines and absolutly modern views we presented totally different position. To assess this view is upon to you. With modern technologies, spa center with pools and saunas on unforgattable view makes memorable impression on the visitors. It also should be noted that, balneological and spa spaces are wholly differntiated from the each other in spite on being at the same floor. The reason of this decesion is not to integrate the visitors of curing aims with the visitors of the entertaimnet goals.
The most memorable place of the complex is its own path in the forest. So called -Serpantini, which ends in the Central Park, at famous Borjomi Main Stream.

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Spa Center/Lopota,Georgia(Realized Project)

Villa  Hills 7 /Single-family residence Moscow region. Russia (Realized Project)

Is located near the forest and lake. The total area is 5000m2. Project is performed in classical minimalistic style. Each of the elements was made especially for this project. The surface is covered with natural stone and granite.


Russian bath (banya,sauna)/Lopota,georgia(Realized Project)


Eco Space / Bakuriani, Georgia (project conseption ) 

Is hotel complex, which is located in Bakuriani next to the state forest (fund).  This place is distinguished with coniferous and deciduous trees covered relief.  Here is huge possibility to assimilate space; also at the same time people can have a rest and fun (entertainment).  Parking is isolated from hotel complex that gives ability to have fun with clean environment.







The playground /Lopota , Georgia 

The main idea of this project space for children, where they can play at the same time imagine themselves as fairytale heroes.

Club/Lopota/Georgia (Realized Project)

Villa Art Deco / Single-family residence Moscow region. Russia (realized project)

Is surrounded by a coniferous forest. Space total area is

3500m2, building total area is 700m2. Style- art deco. Each of the elements was made especially for this project. Artificial stone, bronze, stained glass (vitrage) covers surface of building. 

               Indoor swimming pool/Lopota,Georgia(Realized Project

Lopota / Georgia (project conseption)

The main idea of this project is to make space for children, where they can play and at the same time imagine themselves as fairytale heroes.

Age: 2-10.

Function: train, teeter, children’s climbing wall, slides, tunnel, sand, hopscotch, self-standing shade, WC and bar.

Material: caoutchouc, wood, plastic.

Each of the element and material is safe and ecologically clean. Design is attractive and funny.


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